What Is the Collaborative?

The Collaborative is an effort by NC social work education programs to develop and support our state’s child welfare workforce. Recruiting students who are new to child welfare as well as seasoned professionals who want to move forward in their careers, Collaborative social work programs aim to ensure safe, permanent and nurturing families for North Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens.

North Carolina needs professionally trained child welfare workers. The North Carolina Child Welfare Education Collaborative offers specialized instruction in public child welfare practice. We also offer academic and training opportunities to students who are committed to working with families and children in public child welfare agencies.

Bridging the efforts of public university social work programs and social work professionals, the Collaborative offers North Carolina a unique response to address the concerns facing public child welfare.

Our state is growing, and so is our program. Together, we can help raise the standard of child welfare by protecting children and strengthening families. We invite you to learn more about how you can help families and children in North Carolina.


Child Welfare Collaborative students are the best-equipped professionals entering the field. Educational support and specialized training opportunities prepare them for lifelong careers in child welfare.


All students receive state-mandated child welfare Pre-service Training while earning their BSW or MSW. Upon completion of Collaborative requirements, graduates are prepared to enter the field of child welfare.  Agencies are able to recruit and retain more qualified employees, saving both time and money.

North Carolina Child Welfare

Increasing the number of skilled child welfare practitioners throughout the state improves services and outcomes for the children and families of North Carolina.

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